By 2017, AGIT shall be the excellent, number one ICT solution provider and Internet Company with world class standards in the Middle East region.


AGIT’s mission is to expand the usage of ICT and Internet among the Middle East and Muslim countries’ citizens by establishing Internet Registry Services as an infrastructure.

AGIT plans to consistently provide ICT products, solutions and services that meet customers’ satisfaction through highly skilled people, industry aligned processes and strategic partnerships.

  1. Creating innovative, unique, and cost-effective ICT solutions
  2. Delivering products and services more effectively and efficiently
  3. Committing toward employees improvement
  4. Providing fast and reliable technical assistance for customers


AGIT, on its way to its vision, has focused on internet’s new gTLD program as the next generation of accessibility tool on the internet. AGIT believes in this project as an opportunity for the next billion internet users to have better access to the new world’s information, pushing them toward new successes based on the knowledge they achieve.

Middle East, as a multi-language, multi-cultural developing region, is an important market for every business, in which AGIT will invest more and more to leverage its dominancy on the information market. Based on this belief, AGIT has focused on “The Muslim Community” as its main target market.

The Muslim community is one of the most important markets for every business with over one billion population around the world. Middle East is the origin of Islam and one of the most important and key regions of the world for this community.

AGIT, thanks to its localization in Turkey, has a smooth and easy access to its target audiences, which brings many advantages for it. This accessibility to the target market, in addition to business ideas behind domain name industry and services, and the untouched markets in the region, has formed AGIT’s business strategy.